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A new fixture list for the resumption on March 29

A fresh fixture list for the resumption of Point-to-Point racing leaves Wiltshire fans of the sport sadly bereft of fixtures within the county following the publication of the list from March 29 onward by the Point-to-Point Authority.

This fixture list will provide 12 weeks racing at 54 fixtures over 27 racedays, subject of course to government requirements. At the outset at least, fixtures remain behind closed doors, but it is hoped that at some juncture in May, this restriction will be relaxed.

Neither Wiltshire course of Barbury or Larkhill is among those fixtures put forward, although both were in the vanguard of the early season fixtures in between lockdowns 2 and 3. The West Country season will restart at Cotley on March 29 and include fixtures as follows:

Seavington Cotley April 18

Devon & Somerset Staghounds South Hill Dulverton May 2

Minehead Harriers & West Somerset Holnicote May 8

Weston & Banwell Harriers Cothelstone May 12

West Somerset Vale Cothelstone May 30

Spectators in North Wiltshire may be better served by the two fixtures at Kingston Blount on May 9 and 30.

The full list can be seen here

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