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Free Beer for a year so book early!

It may have been dry January for some, but given the wet winter, we all need something to look forward to, and local brewer Wadworth has teamed up again with the Avon Vale Races to offer free beer to one lucky person who buys their race ticket in advance before March 21st, a week before this year's fixture. One lucky winner will take home 365 cans of delicious 6X, the ale that made Wadworth a household brand.

Wadworth, the eponymous brewer in Devizes, has supported the Avon Vale Races for many years, and will also support an Outstanding Achievement Award for a stablehand, rider, or trainer who has contributed to the day's racing.

Local businesses are the lifeblood of events of this nature, where young riders can nurture their talent before rising to the professional ranks. Whilst beer may not be a regular part of their diet, it certainly is for a majority of the spectators who enjoy a day at the races, and the bar, stocked with Wadworth ales, is bound to be a hit.

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