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Taste Team adds to an annual standing dish at Larkhill

The Taste Team, built around Gretchen Winter's Farm Cookery School at Netherstreet, Bromham, brings a new taste dimension to this year's Avon Vale Races through a collection of artisan local producers selling take-home foods and beverages.

"There's nothing like the fresh air of a day at the races to bring on an appetite," commented Gretchen. "Our collection of independent producers from around Wiltshire will add a new taste experience and ambiance to the event, and I'm hoping racegoers will respond very positively. From local chutneys to sides of pork, this offers Wiltshire racing fans a chance to see the glorious range of foods being created from the soil around them."

The Little Bakehouse in Devizes is exhibiting at Larkhill for the first time. Run by Philip Johns from a century of bakers, the business makes breads, savouries and cakes from its retail premises in the Little Brittox in Devizes.

Gastronix has operated from a warehouse in Collingbourne Ducis since 2010, sourcing British & Mediterranean food, wines & hampers, and providing the best of hand-picked gourmet delights from across Europe.

Penton Park Brewery, run by Guy Rolfe, showcases an eclectic range of craft ales, brewed in Penton Mewsey that include the splendidly named The Duke, 50 Not Out and Colonel Bob, whilst Niche Alcohol Supplies will permit you to sample boutique limited edition gins made in Mallorca.

And of you thought that bees just made honey, a chat to the Wiltshire Beekeeper will be an education. From clear and set honey to bee pollen, candles and handcream, the bee is proven a most versatile producer.

And last, Netherstreet Farm is home to a prime herd of Galloway cattle that will grace any table. and better still, Gretchen Winter will teach you how to get the best from your kitchen with her splendid cookery courses.

If this doesn't have you slavering, then wait for the races later in the afternoon.

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