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Wadworths supports Outstanding Performance Award at Avon Vale

Wadworths, scion of Wiltshire brands with a family of internationally recognized beers to its name, is to lend its name to a new award at this Saturday's Avon Vale Races. The brand has been involved for over 30 years in the event from a time when the Bartholemew family were heavily involved in the running of the Avon Vale Hunt.

The new award will celebrate excellence during the day in the form of an Outstanding Performance Award for the owner, keeper or rider adjudged to have put up the most remarkable performance of the day. This could be a training or riding effort, even a contribution by a stable hand, not necessarily by a race winner.

Peter McNeile, for the Avon Vale Committee, remarked, "In this Corinthian sport where the financial prizes are meagre, peer recognition is an important element of the sport. We welcome Wadworths' imaginative approach to highlighting excellence in the sport, especially at this event."

The award will be judged by representatives of Larkhill Racecourse, the Avon Vale Races and Wadworths with the winner receiving a prize and of course a case of the sponsor's product.

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